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The goal of Kindergarten Videos is to compile the best educational video content for your children. You'll find read-aloud books, directed drawings, science activities and virtual field trips, all in one place!

The videos on this site were carefully chosen because of their educational value. YouTube will show suggested video links at the end of each video. Please only allow a child to use this site with close adult supervision.

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Riley Can Be Anything

Riley can be anything read by Arinzé Kene (Been so long, Netflix) Written by Davina Hamilton & Illustrated by Elena Reinoso. The Ella Riley group (2017) The...

Tilly’s At Home Holiday

WATCH THE END for SOME HOLIDAY AT HOME ACTIVITIES!!! Tilly’s friends are all going to exciting places for their vacations, but she is staying at home. Mum says they’ll...

Welcome Home, Bear

Welcome home, bear ( A book of animal habitats) by Il Sung Na is about Bear as he visits animal habitats around the world. Bear is tired of waking up every morning in...