From car tires to basketballs to pizza pies, the more you look around, the more circles you see. The StoryBots want to sing about them all! The StoryBots are curious little creatures who live beneath our screens, offering a world of learning and fun for kids. The Emmy Award-winning “Ask the StoryBots” is now streaming on Netflix! LYRICS: STORYBOT A: What are those circles on your face? STORYBOT B: Those are my eyes Circles – all over the place Circles – in the sky and on your face Circles – see them all around town Circles – going ’round and ’round A donut, basketball hoop Rollercoaster loop-de-loop Ferris wheel, pizza pie Take a look at those googly eyes! Googly googly googly googly eyes! STORYBOT A: Googly eyes Ya ya ya ya Circles STORYBOT B: A quarter Circles STORYBOT A: A trash can lid Circles STORYBOT B: A record on a record player Circles – going ’round and ’round Soccer ball, smiley face A button, a clock, pancakes Bicycle tire, lets go for a ride Take another look at those googily eyes Googly googly googly googly eyes STORYBOT B: We’ve got googly eyes Ya ya ya ya Circles STORYBOT A: All over the place Circles STORYBOT B: Right on my face Circles STORYBOT A: All over town Circles – going ’round and ’round Just like googly eyes Circles going round and round and round STORYBOT A: Who’s got googly eyes? STORYBOT B: We do!

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