Teach your children to count to 100 as they get some great exercise too. This cool kid-friendly song starts out with a message about staying healthy and fit and having fun counting to 100 together. It’s a great count to 100 song for Kindergarten. I show the children simple, easy – to – do exercises for each 10 numbers. Children have a variety of gross motor movements to do as they count to 100.

The songs great beat and steady counting motivate children to keep moving all the way to 100. We show the numbers from 1 to 100 very large and clear so children also get the visual number recognition and stimulation. This count to 100 song will engage your children with the catchy up tempo music, the clear numeral visuals and seeing Jack sing and demonstrate the exercises.

Use Count to 100 – Let’s Get Fit every day to strengthen your children’s ability to count to 100 and help them enjoy and have fun exercising too. Counting to 100 and basic number recognition is a standard in most early childhood ( pre-k, K and 1st grade) classrooms. This is a great math song to start your day with, as a brain break or use it during indoor recess. PE Teachers will love it too as it emphasizes physical education and aerobic exercise as children count to 100.

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