Today’s children’s books reading by PV storytime is HOW DO DINOSAURS EAT THEIR FOOD? By Jane Yolen and Mark Teague

How do dinosaurs eat their food? Would you like to have a protoceratops come over for dinner? Or take a quetzalcoatlus out to a fancy restaurant? It might be very noisy – and messy! Filled with playful dinosaur antics and lots of humor, here is a mischievous look at table manners – sure to bring laughter to even the most polite little dinosaurs.

Disclaimer: Text and illustrations are not owned by me. If you liked the story, please support the excellent author by purchasing a copy of the book. If you are the author/publisher of the book and would like the video taken down, I would really appreciate if you send me a note via email to and I will remove the video. Thank you!

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