Recycle! – A Song for Kids. This is a great and fun sing-a-long song for children of all ages to learn about recycling.

Perfect for pre-k, transitional kindergarten, kindergarten, and first grade students. Great for special ed, ELD, EL, and home school, too!

As a former primary grade teacher and literacy specialist, I used songs to make learning fun–and it worked! Students were singing and learning all day long! I pair this song with a mini lesson where we used graphic organizers, such as Thinking Maps, to organizer what can be recycled. We also performed this song in our Earth Day Assembly in front of parents, educators, and fellow school mates.

Here are the lyrics: I recycle, I recycle bottles, papers, and cans they’re not garbage they’re not garbage they can be used again I recycle so I don’t waste keep my school a beautiful place I recycle, I recycle bottles, papers, and cans

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