We all know the sweet nursery rhyme about twinkling little stars — but why do they twinkle? Hint: It has more to do with the Earth than the stars! Learn more in this episode of Little 101. Sometimes the littlest minds pose the biggest questions—questions with complicated answers that often leave adults scratching their heads. Subscribe to impress your kids, inspire their continued curiosity and get the answers to life’s big questions before your little ones ask. Has your child stumped you? Let us know your kids’ big questions in the comments below or email us at pbsparents@pbs.org. Host Nathan Shields is an illustrator, math teacher and professional dad. Known to many as the creator of Saipancakes, follow Nathan’s pancake-making adventures on his blog and YouTube channel. You can also follow him on Twitter and Facebook. Created, Developed and Produced by: Danielle Steinberg and Mary Hope Garcia Special thanks to Trisha Cruz and Sarah Micheli

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